How To Use Intellicorp For Pre-Employment Background Checking?

If you’ve applied for a job then, whether you realise it or not, you’ve probably been subjected to a background check. You may have even willingly allowed one to be done on you as part of the application process. If you work with sensitive groups like children, then you almost definitely have. You need to have a clean record to work with children and definitely can’t do so if you’re a registered sex offender. When the time comes for you to use a background check service yourself then there are a number of solutions for you. IntelliCorp is one of the best background check companies out there.

IntelliCorp are accredited by the Better Business Bureau which means that they have been around long enough, and have enough of a reputation, for them to be trusted. They offer a wide range of services and can also cater their services to what your market and business type is. They work with individuals but are focused on working with employers and businesses to screen employees and clients. They understand that the less risk you face during employing processes and acquiring clients the better for you and your business. As such they offer different services for different needs. You can filter their services by either industry or product. Filtering by industry is a good idea if you aren’t sure what product would be a good fit for you.

When it comes time to actually order products they have a number available. Like most background check companies they offer a comprehensive criminal record check where you can check the criminal records of potential employees. It can be vital to protecting your company and your other employees so never doubt the use of a good background check. You can also use their services to validate important information a potential employee has given you by verifying things like their social security number. It’s easy enough for someone to put in a random number when you ask them for a social security number. They may also just using a fake number. Checking their social security number is an important first step when dealing with a potential employee. You also don’t want to accidentally hire an illegal immigrant which would reflect badly on you as a company.

Their background checks also cover employment and education history. You can make sure that the person you’re hiring really has worked where they say they have, and are also as well educated as they claim. A lot of people lie on their CV or make themselves sound more intelligent and important than they really are. They do this in the hopes that you won’t take the time to check they really were where they claimed to be. It’s easy to get this information for yourself and find out how honest they were.

There are a number of other services including motor vehicle reports, drug testing, credit reports, civil searches, and other products depending on your need. No matter what it is you need to find out about someone you can do so using a really high quality background check service like IntelliCorp.